Kamis, 09 Juli 2015

CCTV 24/7 Remote Monitoring Agency


Welcome to
YouAreSafe a CCTV remote monitoring agency which Preventive Safety and Security through 24x7x365 Day & Night Surveillance for all areas where you want extra surveillance and wish to be monitored.


·         24x7x365 Day & Night Monitoring.

·         Site Survey, Risk Assessment, and Installation of good Quality CCTV Cameras at ROCK BOTTOM PRICES.

·         In Case of any EMERGENCY, The Monitoring Experts call you, send alarm signal to alert you or your staff or call Police-FIRE Control Rooms.

·         ENHANCE THE PRODUCTIVITY - If Guards or Workmen sleep or come late or sit idle.

·         You can get DAILY Reports about your covered area.


Monitoring rates is only Rs.9,999/- (Nine Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety nine only) per month for 24 hours (3-Shifts), All days including Holidays and maintenance of cameras, for monitoring of 8 Cameras at one site.

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Senior Manager

Deepak Kumar