Rabu, 04 Juni 2014

Transform India with Narendra Modi Circle Invite

Transform India With Narendra Modi
About Circle "Transform India With Narendra Modi"
Members: 46064
Founder: Rajendra Pratap Gupta
Description: This online community of 45,000+ citizens of India (including overseas Indian Citizens) is working together to provide inputs to the new Government led by Shri Narendra Modi. Inputs are sought in a structured way on immediate priorities, long term priorities, and specific areas relating to good governance and development of India. Members, discuss issues, debate, identify root causes and develop solutions together. All consolidated inputs from this community are being and will continue to be submitted to the Prime Minister's Office and other Ministries on a weekly basis. Recently this circle was highlighted by the World Economic Forum - http://wef.ch/1nYj9P0 as an example of Citizen Engagement with Government. So, let us together open a new chapter with citizens participating and collectively working with the new Government on the transformation of India!

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